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Novel Units by Middle School Novel Units Inc.

A Year Down Yonder  www.createspace.com/4640424
One Crazy Summer  www.createspace.com/4640074
A Corner of the Universe  www.createspace.com/4367155
A Day No Pigs Would Die www.createspace.com/4319412
A Long Walk to Water www.createspace.com/4794839
A Long Way from Chicago  www.createspace.com/4893152
A Season of Gifts www.createspace.com/5798517
A Single Shard www.createspace.com/4794836
A Step From Heaven  www.createspace.com/4329378
A Week in the Woods  www.createspace.com/4344205
A Wrinkle in Time www.createspace.com/4367749
A Year Down Yonder www.createspace.com/5129854
Across Five Aprils www.createspace.com/4329388
Al Capone Does My Shirts  www.createspace.com/4794837
Al Capone Shines My Shoes  www.createspace.com/4329397
Aliens on Vacation www.createspace.com/4794844
Among the Hidden www.createspace.com/4329408
Among the Imposters  www.createspace.com/4804818
Amos Fortune: Free Man  www.createspace.com/4893164
Artemis Fowl www.createspace.com/5748720
Banner in the Sky www.createspace.com/4893168
Bat 6 www.createspace.com/5254856
Bearstone www.createspace.com/4794840
Because of Winn Dixie www.createspace.com/3964391
Becoming Naomi Leon  www.createspace.com/4331673
Belle Prater's Boy www.createspace.com/3985435
Blood on the River Jamestown 1602 www.createspace.com/4792715
Bridge to Terabithia  www.createspace.com/3984968
Bronx Masquerade www.createspace.com/4338882
Bud, Not Buddy www.createspace.com/4331719
Call It Courage www.createspace.com/4336424
Canyons www.createspace.com/5129853
Catherine, Called Birdy  www.createspace.com/4336453
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory www.createspace.com/4336459
Charlotte's Web www.createspace.com/4337080
Chasing Lincoln's... www.createspace.com/5270424
Chasing the Falconers  www.createspace.com/4893171
Chasing Vermeer www.createspace.com/5254855
Children of the River  www.createspace.com/4337088
Clover www.createspace.com/4321397
Coraline www.createspace.com/5129836
Crash www.createspace.com/4337100
Crispin: The Cross of Lead www.createspace.com/4337115
Dark Water Rising www.createspace.com/4792713
Dead End in Norvelt  www.createspace.com/4792717
Dear Mr. Henshaw  www.createspace.com/4794834
Dexter the Tough www.createspace.com/4792720
Dogsong www.createspace.com/5129834
Elijah of Buxton www.createspace.com/4792718
Ella Enchanted www.createspace.com/4375248
Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective  www.createspace.com/4804820
Esperanza Rising www.createspace.com/4375249
Extra Credit www.createspace.com/4353513
Fear Itself www.createspace.com/4364053
Fever, 1793 www.createspace.com/5129841
Flipped www.createspace.com/4804815
Forty Acres and maybe a Mule www.createspace.com/5270421
Freak the Mighty www.createspace.com/4375250
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler  www.createspace.com/4375252
Full Tilt www.createspace.com/4804821
Gathering Blue www.createspace.com/5129609
George Washington's Socks www.createspace.com/5798519
George's Marvelous Medicine www.createspace.com/4804817
Ginger Pye www.createspace.com/5129850
Gooseberry Park www.createspace.com/5748722
Gregor the Overlander  www.createspace.com/4804870
Harriet the Spy www.createspace.com/4804868
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  www.createspace.com/5270425
Hatchet www.createspace.com/3960650
Hattie Big Sky www.createspace.com/4804865
Holes www.createspace.com/4375254
Homeless Bird www.createspace.com/4375256
Hoot www.createspace.com/4375258
House of Dies Drear  www.createspace.com/4804863
House on Mango Street  www.createspace.com/4804871
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found  www.createspace.com/5748723
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson www.createspace.com/5181978
Indian Captive www.createspace.com/5798520
Island of the Blue Dolphins  www.createspace.com/4331856
Jacob Have I Loved  www.createspace.com/4804860
James and the Giant Peach  www.createspace.com/4804861
Janitor's Boy www.createspace.com/4364124
Jim Ugly www.createspace.com/5748737
Joey Pigza Loses Control  www.createspace.com/4367200
Joey Pigza Loses the Key www.createspace.com/4367151
Johnny Tremain www.createspace.com/4375259
Lawn Boy www.createspace.com/4804862
Let the Circle... www.createspace.com/5129133
Letters From Rifka www.createspace.com/4810459
Liar, Liar www.createspace.com/4893178
Lily's Crossing www.createspace.com/4375330
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy  www.createspace.com/5129116
Loser www.createspace.com/4319929
Lunch Money    www.createspace.com/4810461
M.C. Higgins, the Great  www.createspace.com/4319877
Maniac Magee www.createspace.com/4331871
Masterpiece www.createspace.com/5129118
Masters of Disaster  www.createspace.com/4367201
Max the Mighty www.createspace.com/4811362
Milkweed www.createspace.com/4811361
Miracles on Maple Street  www.createspace.com/4893187
Missing May www.createspace.com/4893351
Mississippi Trial... www.createspace.com/5275847
Misty of Chincoteague  www.createspace.com/4893353
Moon Over Manifest  www.createspace.com/5183879
Mr. Popper's Penguins  www.createspace.com/4810462
Mudshark www.createspace.com/4367198
My Brother Sam is Dead  www.createspace.com/4811364
My Life in Dog Years www.createspace.com/4811365
My Louisiana Sky www.createspace.com/4332191
My Side of the Mountain  www.createspace.com/4893354
Nightjohn www.createspace.com/4810460
No Talking www.createspace.com/4364074
Number the Stars www.createspace.com/4375331
Old Yeller  www.createspace.com/4806719
Olive's Ocean  www.createspace.com/4806714
On My Honor  www.createspace.com/4375333
One Crazy Summer  www.createspace.com/4806716
Our Only May Amelia  www.createspace.com/4893355
Out of My Mind www.createspace.com/4806718
Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe www.createspace.com/4895270
Pictures of Hollis Woods  www.createspace.com/5129112
Princess Academy www.createspace.com/4806720
Project Mulberry www.createspace.com/4893304
Rascal www.createspace.com/4893306
Red Sails to Capri www.createspace.com/4893308
Red Scarf Girl www.createspace.com/4806490
Report Card www.createspace.com/4806711
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry www.createspace.com/4375337
Roller Skates www.createspace.com/4893310
Room One www.createspace.com/4364100
Rules www.createspace.com/4806481
Running Out of Time www.createspace.com/4806483
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes www.createspace.com/4806485
School of Fear www.createspace.com/4893311
Schooled www.createspace.com/4367152
Seedfolks www.createspace.com/4806486
Shiloh www.createspace.com/4806487
Shiloh Season www.createspace.com/4806488
Shooting the Moon www.createspace.com/4893313
Sing Down the Moon  www.createspace.com/4893315
Skeleton Man www.createspace.com/4893318
Soldier's Heart www.createspace.com/4806491
Sounder www.createspace.com/4375335
Stargirl www.createspace.com/4806489
Stone Fox www.createspace.com/4375338
Summer of the Monkeys www.createspace.com/4806479
Summer of the Swans www.createspace.com/4806709
Surviving the Applewhites www.createspace.com/4806710
Swindle www.createspace.com/4810457
Taking Sides www.createspace.com/4375340
Tangerine www.createspace.com/4375341
Tears of a Tiger www.createspace.com/4810463
That Was Then, This is Now www.createspace.com/4321632
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian  www.createspace.com/4812174
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer www.createspace.com/4812176
The Battle of Labryinth www.createspace.com/5798521
The Black Pearl www.createspace.com/5798522
The Borrowers www.createspace.com/4810458
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  www.createspace.com/4367195
The Castle in the Attic  www.createspace.com/5270420
The Cay www.createspace.com/4375342
The City of Ember www.createspace.com/5129120
The Courage of Sarah Noble  www.createspace.com/4812184
The Day No Pigs Would Die www.createspace.com/4375344
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm www.createspace.com/4375345
The Giver www.createspace.com/4812169
The Graveyard www.createspace.com/4812171
The Higher Power of Lucky  www.createspace.com/4367196
The House of Dark Shadows  www.createspace.com/4375347
The House of Dies Drear www.createspace.com/4331885
The House on Mango Street www.createspace.com/4331902
The Hunger Games  www.createspace.com/5129123
The Indian in the Cupboard www.createspace.com/4375348
The Jacket www.createspace.com/4812186
The Landry News www.createspace.com/4364161
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe www.createspace.com/4812180
The Matchlock Gun www.createspace.com/5129131
The Maze Runner www.createspace.com/5129126
The Midwife's Apprentice  www.createspace.com/5129128
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane  www.createspace.com/4367153
The Missing Manatee  www.createspace.com/5798523
The Mysterious Benedict Society  www.createspace.com/4812501
The Outsiders www.createspace.com/4812166
The Pinballs www.createspace.com/4812498
The Power of Un www.createspace.com/5129129
The Red Pyramid www.createspace.com/4812495
The River (Hatchet) www.createspace.com/4812431
The School Story www.createspace.com/4895272
The Sea of Monsters www.createspace.com/5798525
The Secret School www.createspace.com/5129851
The Sign of the Beaver www.createspace.com/3978988
The Summer of Riley  www.createspace.com/4812173
The Teacher's funeral  www.createspace.com/4895275
The Tiger Rising www.createspace.com/4367199
The Time Bike www.createspace.com/4895280
The Titan's Curse www.createspace.com/5798528
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle www.createspace.com/4895282
The Twits www.createspace.com/4812432
The View from Saturday  www.createspace.com/4332197
The Voyage of Patience Goodspead  www.createspace.com/4812436
The Voyage of the Frog  www.createspace.com/4895283
The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963 www.createspace.com/3978890
The Wednesday Wars www.createspace.com/4812437
The Westing Game www.createspace.com/4368033
The Whipping Boy www.createspace.com/4332215
The White Giraffe www.createspace.com/4812438
The Witch of Blackbird Pond www.createspace.com/4812439
The Yearling www.createspace.com/4812496
The Young man and the Sea  www.createspace.com/4812465
There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom www.createspace.com/4332227
Things Not Seen www.createspace.com/4895285
Touching Spirit Bear  www.createspace.com/4812467
Tracker www.createspace.com/4367202
Troublemaker www.createspace.com/4367154
Tuck Everlasting www.createspace.com/4339835
Turtle in Paradise www.createspace.com/4895287
Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere www.createspace.com/5437415
Walk Two Moons www.createspace.com/4812469
War Horse www.createspace.com/4812470
We the Children www.createspace.com/4367197
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit  www.createspace.com/5798533
When My Name Was Keoko www.createspace.com/4812471
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town www.createspace.com/4332247
Where the mountain Meets the Moon www.createspace.com/4812500
Where the Red Fern Grows www.createspace.com/4335906
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz www.createspace.com/4895290
Wonder www.createspace.com/4812494
Woods Runner www.createspace.com/5129855
Woodsong www.createspace.com/4794833
Wringer www.createspace.com/4794832
Wringer www.createspace.com/4812493


Novel Units by Creativity in the Classroom 

A Corner of the Universe      www.createspace.com/4792322

A Day No Pigs Would Die   www.createspace.com/4988848
A Long Walk to Water         www.createspace.com/4792359
A Long Way From Chicago  www.createspace.com/4893153
Al Capone Does My Shirts  www.createspace.com/4640447
A Season of Gifts    www.createspace.com/5798602
A Single Shard: .     www.createspace.com/4662732
A Step From Heaven  www.createspace.com/4662733
A Week in the Woods: A Novel... www.createspace.com/4975835
A Wrinkle in Time         www.createspace.com/4662673
A Year Down Yonder  www.createspace.com/4977829
Abel's Island   www.createspace.com/5125999
Across Five Aprils   www.createspace.com/4685764
Al Capone Does My Shirts... www.createspace.com/4662736
Al Capone Shines My Shoes   www.createspace.com/4663042
Aliens on Vacation  www.createspace.com/4662764
Among the Hidden   www.createspace.com/4662766
Among the Imposters  www.createspace.com/4662767
Amos Fortune: Free Man   www.createspace.com/4893163
Artemis Fowl  www.createspace.com/5748728
Banner in the Sky  www.createspace.com/4893170
Bat 6   www.createspace.com/5254854
Bearstone www.createspace.com/4317388
Because of Winn Dixie   www.createspace.com/4662769
Becoming Naomi Leon   www.createspace.com/4662773
Belle Prater's Boy   www.createspace.com/4662936
Blood on the River   www.createspace.com/4697930
Brian's Return  www.createspace.com/4662822
Brian's Winter   www.createspace.com/5178836
Brian's Winter   www.createspace.com/4662823
Bridge to Terabithia   www.createspace.com/5660521
Bud, Not Buddy  www.createspace.com/4707601
Call It Courage www.createspace.com/5660523
Canyons  www.createspace.com/4792363
Catherine Called Birdy  www.createspace.com/4792369
Chasing Lincoln's Killer www.createspace.com/5270446
Chasing the Falconers   www.createspace.com/4893174
Chasing Vermeer   www.createspace.com/5660525
Children of the River   www.createspace.com/4792380
Clover   www.createspace.com/5242008
Coraline   www.createspace.com/4792382
Crash   www.createspace.com/4792384
Crispin: The Cross of Lead   www.createspace.com/4792386
Dark Water Rising   www.createspace.com/4698728
Dead End in Norvelt   www.createspace.com/5242010
Dear Mr. Henshaw   www.createspace.com/5802762
Dexter the Tough  www.createspace.com/5178826
Dogsong   www.createspace.com/4792394
Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie    www.createspace.com/4893182
Elijah of Buxton  www.createspace.com/4792395
Ella Enchanted   www.createspace.com/4951349
Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective  www.createspace.com/5242011
Fear Itself  www.createspace.com/5183792
Flipped www.createspace.com/5660533
Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule   www.createspace.com/5270441
Freak the Mighty  www.createspace.com/4687492
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler www.createspace.com/5127206
Gathering Blue   www.createspace.com/5183796
George Washington's Socks www.createspace.com/5798604
George's Marvelous Medicine  www.createspace.com/5050469
Gooseberry Park  www.createspace.com/5748729
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  www.createspace.com/5270448
Hatchet  www.createspace.com/4685673
Holes Novel Unit Plus Graphic Organizers  www.createspace.com/5845943
Holes: A Novel Unit by Creativity in the Classroom www.createspace.com/4673324
Homeless Bird Novel Unit Plus Graphic Organizers www.createspace.com/5845992
Hoot Novel Unit Plus Graphic Organizers www.createspace.com/5845981
Hoot Novel Unit Graphic Organizers  www.createspace.com/5845945
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found  www.createspace.com/5748733
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson  www.createspace.com/5181972
Indian Captive www.createspace.com/5798605
Jacob Have I Loved www.createspace.com/5178832
Janitor's Boy  www.createspace.com/5183798
Jim Ugly  www.createspace.com/5748734
Joey Pigza Loses the Key www.createspace.com/5178825
Lawn Boy Returns www.createspace.com/5178831
Let the Circle Be Unbroken  www.createspace.com/5845954
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy  www.createspace.com/5127199
M.C. Higgins, the Great  www.createspace.com/5127207
Maniac Magee Novel Unit Plus Graphic Organizers  www.createspace.com/5845956
Max the Mighty www.createspace.com/5183794
Miracles on Maple Hill  www.createspace.com/4893185
Missing May www.createspace.com/4893186
Mississippi Trial, 1955 www.createspace.com/5275851
Misty of Chincoteague www.createspace.com/4893282
Moon Over Manifest www.createspace.com/5183795
My Side of the Mountain  www.createspace.com/4893285
Number the Stars  www.createspace.com/5845960
Our Only May Amelia www.createspace.com/4893286
Out of My Mind  www.createspace.com/4698542
Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe www.createspace.com/4893287
Project Mulberry  www.createspace.com/4893288
Red Sails to Capri  www.createspace.com/4893290
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  www.createspace.com/4673173
Roller Skates  www.createspace.com/4893291
Rules www.createspace.com/5242009
School of Fear www.createspace.com/4893292
Schooled  www.createspace.com/5127201
Shooting the Moon  www.createspace.com/4893293
Sing Down the Moon  www.createspace.com/4893294
Skeleton Man www.createspace.com/4893296
Stone Fox   www.createspace.com/5127194
Summer of the Monkeys   www.createspace.com/5126747
Summer of the Swans   www.createspace.com/5126750
Tangerinen www.createspace.com/5802759
Tears of a Tiger  www.createspace.com/5802765
That Was Then, This Is Now  www.createspace.com/4813374
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  www.createspace.com/4813376
The Battle of Labryinth   www.createspace.com/5798606
The Black Pearl Novel Unit www.createspace.com/5798607
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  www.createspace.com/4708134
The Castle in the Attic www.createspace.com/5270439
The Cay  www.createspace.com/4687634
The City of Ember  www.createspace.com/5845946
The Courage of Sarah Noble... www.createspace.com/4813378
The Giver: A Novel Unit Created... www.createspace.com/4697621
The House on Mango Street... www.createspace.com/5270438
The Matchlock Gun: A Novel... www.createspace.com/4988849
The Maze Runner: A Novel Unit... www.createspace.com/4698698
The Midwife's Apprentice... www.createspace.com/4812663
The Miraculous Journey of Mr... www.createspace.com/4812656
The Missing Manatee Novel Unit www.createspace.com/5798608
The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg  www.createspace.com/4812669
The Outsiders  www.createspace.com/4812674
The Pinballs  www.createspace.com/4812659
The River (Hatchet)  www.createspace.com/4812676
The Sea of Monsters  www.createspace.com/5798610
The Secret School: A Novel... www.createspace.com/4812677
The Sign of the Beaver: A Novel... www.createspace.com/4673625
The Skin I'm In   www.createspace.com/4792474
The Titan's Curse  www.createspace.com/5798612
The Watsons Go To Birmingham, 1963 www.createspace.com/4687565
The Westing Game  www.createspace.com/4698419
The Whipping Boy   www.createspace.com/4812660
The Witch of Blackbird Pond... www.createspace.com/5845955
Touching Spirit Bear  www.createspace.com/4812657
Tuck Everlasting  www.createspace.com/5126751
Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere  www.createspace.com/5437419
Walk Two Moons  www.createspace.com/5047468
We the Children  www.createspace.com/5047665
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit   www.createspace.com/5798614
When Zachary Beaver Came... www.createspace.com/5047332
Where the Red Fern Grows... www.createspace.com/5047422
Wonder Novel Unit www.createspace.com/5802764
Woods Runner: A Novel Unit... www.createspace.com/4698597
Wringer: A Novel Unit Created... www.createspace.com/5046990


Graphic Organizers for Popular Novels

Graphic Organizers for A Corner of the Universe  www.createspace.com/5526525
Graphic Organizers for A Day No Pigs Would Die  www.createspace.com/5526524
Graphic Organizers for A Long Walk to Water   www.createspace.com/5526520
Graphic Organizers for A Long Way Home  www.createspace.com/5526515
Graphic Organizers for A Step from Heaven  www.createspace.com/5526513
Graphic Organizers for A Week in the Woods  www.createspace.com/5526510
Graphic Organizers for A Wrinkle in Time  www.createspace.com/5526508
Graphic Organizers for A Year Down Yonder  www.createspace.com/5526506
Graphic Organizers for Abel's island   www.createspace.com/5526505
Graphic Organizers for Al Capone Does My Shirts www.createspace.com/5526504
Graphic Organizers for Al Capone Shines My Shoes  www.createspace.com/5526502
Graphic Organizers for Among the Hidden  www.createspace.com/5526501
Graphic Organizers for Among the Imposters  www.createspace.com/5526500
Graphic Organizers for Amos Fortune: Free Man  www.createspace.com/5526636
Graphic Organizers for Artemis  www.createspace.com/5748739
Graphic Organizers for Banner in the Sky   www.createspace.com/5526638
Graphic Organizers for Because of Winn Dixie  www.createspace.com/5011537
Graphic Organizers for Belle Prater's Boy www.createspace.com/5526354
Graphic Organizers for Blood on the River Jamestown 1607  www.createspace.com/5526440
Graphic Organizers for Brian's Winter  www.createspace.com/5526786
Graphic Organizers for Bronx Masquerade  www.createspace.com/5526348
Graphic Organizers for Bud, Not Buddy www.createspace.com/5526346
Graphic Organizers for Call It Courage  www.createspace.com/5526344
Graphic Organizers for Canyons www.createspace.com/5526364
Graphic Organizers for Chasing Vermeer www.createspace.com/5526639
Graphic Organizers for Extra Credit  www.createspace.com/5660526
Graphic Organizers for Gooseberry Park  www.createspace.com/5748740
Graphic Organizers for Holes www.createspace.com/5035354
Graphic Organizers for Jim Ugly www.createspace.com/5748744
Graphic Organizers for Out of My Mind  www.createspace.com/5526339
Graphic Organizers for Tangerine  www.createspace.com/5526338
Graphic Organizers for The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963 www.createspace.com/5035356
Graphic Organizers for The Westing Game  www.createspace.com/503535
Graphic Organizers for Walk Two Moons www.createspace.com/5035359


​Interactive Notebooks for Popular Novels

Interactive Notebook for A Corner of the Universe  www.createspace.com/5463184
Interactive Notebook for A Day No Pigs Would Die  www.createspace.com/5624629
Interactive Notebook for A Long Walk to Water www.createspace.com/5463186
Interactive Notebook for A Long Way From Chicago  www.createspace.com/5463187
Interactive Notebook for A Step from Heaven  www.createspace.com/5624631
Interactive Notebook for A Week in the Woods www.createspace.com/5624635
Interactive Notebook for A Wrinkle in Time www.createspace.com/5624637
Interactive Notebook for A... www.createspace.com/5624638
Interactive Notebook for Abel's Island  www.createspace.com/5624640
Interactive Notebook for Al Capone Does My Shirts www.createspace.com/5624642
Interactive Notebook for Al Capone Shines My Shoes www.createspace.com/5624643
Interactive Notebook for Among  the Hidden  www.createspace.com/5624870
Interactive Notebook for Among the Imposters www.createspace.com/5624872
Interactive Notebook for Amos Fortune: Free Man  www.createspace.com/5525875
Interactive Notebook for Artemis Fowl  www.createspace.com/5463183
Interactive Notebook for Banner in the Sky  www.createspace.com/5525882
Interactive Notebook for Bearstone www.createspace.com/5525885
Interactive Notebook for Because of Winn Dixie  www.createspace.com/5011534
Interactive Notebook for Becoming Naomi Leon www.createspace.com/5624873
Interactive Notebook for Belle Prater's Boy  www.createspace.com/5624875
Interactive Notebook for Blood on the River Jamestown, 1607  www.createspace.com/5624628
Interactive Notebook for Brian's Winter  www.createspace.com/5526785
Interactive Notebook for Bridge to Terabithia  www.createspace.com/5526785
Interactive Notebook for Bronx Masquerade www.createspace.com/5624878
Interactive Notebook for Bud, Not Buddy  www.createspace.com/5624879
Interactive Notebook for Call It Courage www.createspace.com/5624881
Interactive Notebook for Canyons  www.createspace.com/5624921
Interactive Notebook for Chasing Vermeer www.createspace.com/5525883
Interactive Notebook for Crispin: Cross of Lead  www.createspace.com/5655769
Interactive Notebook for Dogsong  www.createspace.com/5655771
Interactive Notebook for Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie  www.createspace.com/5655772
Interactive Notebook for Flipped www.createspace.com/5655773
Interactive Notebook for Full Tilt www.createspace.com/5655774
Interactive Notebook for Gathering Blue  www.createspace.com/5655775
Interactive Notebook for Holes www.createspace.com/5624922
Interactive Notebook for Homeless Bird www.createspace.com/5655778
Interactive Notebook for Hoot www.createspace.com/5655779
Interactive Notebook for Number the Stars  www.createspace.com/5655780
Interactive Notebook for Out of My Mind  www.createspace.com/5624924
Interactive Notebook for Tangerine www.createspace.com/5624926
Interactive Notebook for The Sign of the Beaver www.createspace.com/5035260
Interactive Notebook for The watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963 www.createspace.com/5035258
Interactive Notebook for The Westing Game  www.createspace.com/5624927
Interactive Notebook for The Witch of Blackbird Pond  www.createspace.com/5624930
Interactive Notebook for Touching Spirit Bear www.createspace.com/5655793
Interactive Notebook for Walk Two Moons www.createspace.com/5624933